SPATASHIELD Bond and Warranty

Creating your dream swimming pool or spa is an exciting prospect. It requires expert advice and planning, and a pool builder you can rely on to complete the job on time and to the highest standards.

But how can you be sure that the pool builder you choose is capable of fulfilling your dreams? And how can you safeguard yourself against a builder going out of business and leaving your pool unfinished?

SPATA members are fully vetted by the Association before they are awarded our Installer Members Certificate. They have to comply with our Code of Ethics and rigorous construction standards, so you can be sure they will do a professional job.

You get total peace of mind with the SPATASHIELD Bond and Warranty available ONLY from SPATA members in the UK. From signing the contract until three years after completion of your pool or spa, this unique insurance-backed guarantee will cover you against a failure to complete construction for whatever reason, as well as a warranty that the pool or spa complies with the exacting SPATA standards. This means that you the customer will automatically have this protection when you go to a SPATA pool builder.

Covers any new swimming pool or spa contract up to the pool builder's limit (£150,000 maximum) entered into after I June 2000.

THE BOND protects against a SPATA member being unable to complete your contract and will pay up to £30,000 for the extra cost of completion by another builder.

THE WARRANTY guarantees that your pool or spa will conform to SPATA construction and installation standards, and will provide up to £20,000 to meet the cost of rectification if a fault is notified within three years of completing the contract.

THE INSURANCE COVERS new pools, spas, associated electrical and mechanical works and goods supplied under the contract.

IT DOES NOT COVER buildings such as pool enclosures, portable spas, saunas, landscaping, refurbishment, renovation and maintenance of existing pools.

SPATASHIELD is underwritten by the Electrical Contractors' Insurance Company Ltd. who have over 20 years experience of offering this kind of specialist cover.

Your SPATA pool builder will provide you with copies of his SPATASHIELD insurance certificates and details of claim procedures.

SPATASHIELD is provided ONLY by members of the Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association.